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About Bruther

Four thousand vinyl records, four thousand album covers: they contain countless stories and hours of music that have shaped and continue to shape the life and musical work of musician Bruther, who lives in Vienna, Austria.


As a singer, songwriter, and Hammond player, she and her band give back a voice to the music of days of revolution and love. We hear Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, but also Bowie, Joplin, and the Stones. Bruther's music is dirty and loud, her voice unmistakable with a soulful depth that gets under your skin. The songs are melodic and delicate, yet always on the edge, teetering on the brink of losing control.


A four-piece band in the classic rock lineup of the late '60s manages to give Bruther's music the necessary drive on stage and in the studio.


Bruther independently produced her debut EP, "Bird in Hand Lane," which was released in December 2021 on her own label. The songs were recorded live together with musicians Julian Polak (guitar), Markus Dutka (bass), and Michael Blassnig (drums). Bruther wants to make a statement with this, as today's music is often calculated, too plastic, too perfect. "Back to the roots," back to real instruments, real emotions, true stories, and away from the often artificial, overproduced pop world of today.


Each song on "Bird in Hand Lane" is dedicated to a person from Bruther's life and also demonstrates her multifaceted approach to composing and songwriting. The anger in the songs "Earnest" and "Proud," the sensuality of "Wonder," and the indulgence in memories of past relationships in "Oh! Baby" or the title track "Bird in Hand Lane." Each song is an autobiographical memory of people, places, and events from Bruther's life.


Her greatest musical influence—and she always proudly admits—are The Beatles. It's no wonder that her first EP is a tribute to one of her favorite albums ,”Abbey Road," as "Bird in Hand Lane" is also a street name in London, with the difference being that Bruther is just embarking on her musical journey, rather than bidding farewell like her idols did with their last recordings.

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