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Milky Way



Inspired by 60s Psychedelia and Bluesrock, Bruther tells her own story with every composition and every song. Stories of days of revolution and love from what seems like a long-forgotten time, to which she, as a singer and songwriter, gives a voice once again. Skillfully, she evokes the spirit of the late sixties and stages it perfectly for the here and now.​​


With a collection of over four thousand records and countless album covers, they have shaped the musical work of Bruther, a musician based in Vienna. Between the lines, you might hear influences from, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, as well as Bowie, Joplin, and the Stones, before losing yourself once again in her unmistakable voice with its soulful depth.​​


Bruther's music is untamed, distinctive, and always balances on the narrow edge between losing control and boundless passion. This creates a musical statement because present-day music is often calculated, too artificial, too perfect. Back to the roots,' back to real instruments, genuine emotions, true stories, and away from the often artificial, overproduced pop world of today.



Julian Polak


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